The Demo Revisited

by Like It Or Not

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released January 13, 2019


all rights reserved



Like It Or Not South Whittier, California

The LION CREW is back in action, from lying dormant to main attraction...

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Track Name: L.I.O.N. Crew (Intro)
overflowing with hatred inside
the throat of the world’s in our hands
we’ll take you out in the blink of an eye
annihilation is our plan
out with the old, in with the new
we’re here to wreck fools

you may not approve, but what the fuck you gonna do?
Like It Or Not Crew, we’re coming for you!
Track Name: Don't Believe The Hype
if your name wasn’t known would you still be here?
feeding frenzy for your ego comes from your peers
i’m sick of the nonsense that fills my ears
you call that hardcore? yea right
your hype is bogus and your tunes are wack
you’d be better off standing in the back
you may be cool but I won’t cut you no slack
get a clue mr. popular, your band just sucks and that’s a fact
Track Name: The Fuck Outta Here
truth be told: wolves like you don’t even bite
truth be told: no teeth, no heart, no soul, no fight
truth be told: you should bow out now and walk away
truth be told: you aren’t hard so don’t act that way
knives and knuckles don’t instill fear
especially when you’re 90 pounds and look like a *****
poser pictures holding daddy’s gun
but i’ll still beat you up without no hesitation
the fuck outta here before you catch a LION CREW stomp!
Track Name: LION's Den
if you’re sweatin’ us, we attack, all up in your grill
you fuck with these lion hearts and some blood is gonna spill
our minds are solid and our gaze is freezing cold
in a fit of rage we bust and break the hands that try to mold
low down and dirty don’t be mean muggin’ us
we’re the LION CREW, this is our den and we’re gonna bust

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